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Pediatric Associates of Livingston

Phone Calls

PAL Business CardsIf you have a question or need advice, call during office hours and a staff member will assist you. For illness, it is best to call the office in the morning. This way, if the nurse, per the doctor’s instruction, recommends that we see the child, there will be adequate time to do so during office hours.

For non-emergent problems, please do not expect us to interrupt a patient who is in the office. If the nurse cannot help you, we will call you back. If everyone adheres to this principle, you will get our undivided attention when you are in the office. Please do not expect us to see two children in the time allotted for one. This backs up our appointments and is unfair to the patients who follow. If an additional child needs to be seen, call us ahead so that we can change our schedule. This avoids undue waiting for other patients as well as your children. Additionally, if an appointment cannot be kept, please notify the office in advance.

In order to make phone calls more satisfactory and valuable, please:

  • Write out your questions - be brief and to the point.
  • Please have a pencil and paper ready to write down any instructions.
  • Please have your drug store’s phone number available in case a prescription is needed. Please look up the number before calling us.
  • Prescription refills should be requested between 9 and 3 Monday through Friday.
  • When calling in reference to your bill or an insurance question, please state that this is the nature of your call so that you can be directed to the proper person