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Health Care Library: For Teens 12-14 Years Old

Important things we want you to know and we want you to tell us.

Share with us your activities. What do you enjoy doing? Who do you hang out with?
How is school going? Would you like to go to college?

Puberty involves many changes in your body and your brain. We will ask you about things that have happened and will look at how puberty is progressing for you. This is a perfect time to ask any questions you have about yourself.


Now that you are older, there will be some things we will talk about without your parents. These things will be kept private unless your life or someone else’s life is at risk. Feel free to ask sensitive questions during this time alone.


Many kids come to our office due to injuries from sports, playing, and car accidents. Be sure you are using all the safety sports equipment at every practice and game. Be sure you know how to be safe on playground equipment, only one person at a time on a trampoline. ALWAYS wear your seatbelt, even for short drives. Sit in the backseat, if there is room, to avoid the air bags.


You are making more food choices on your own now, at school and while out with friends. It is very important to choose 3-5 servings’ of fruits and vegetables every day, to drink 2-3 glasses of milk, and to have protein. At a fast food restaurant, try to choose apple slices instead of fries, grilled chicken instead of cheeseburgers. It is okay to have pizza and junk food sometimes, but these are not foods you should eat every day.


It is very important that you wash your face at least twice a day and wash your hair at least once a day. Do not pick at your pimples (and don’t let your parents either). If this isn’t enough to keep your skin clear, you can try a benzoyl peroxide cream from the drug store. If you still have acne after these steps, talk to your doctor, we have some prescription medications that can help.

Music and hearing

Listening to loud music in your room or through headphones can lead to permanent hearing loss. If people around you can hear music through your headphones, they are too loud. Other loud noises can lead to hearing loss too, so you should wear ear plugs when mowing the lawn or riding a motor bike.

Cliques and Friendships

Cliques are friends that keep certain people out of their group. They expect everyone in the group to act the same and think the same. Instead, a healthy group of friends encourages you to be yourself. They also are willing to include new people in their group. Cliques often tease or bully kids who aren’t in their group. If this is happening with your friends, you might be in a clique. Talk to your parents or your doctor about how to deal with this situation.