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Circumcision Care

The tip of the healing circumcised penis may look quite red for the first few days, and you may notice a yellow secretion. Both indicate that the area is healing normally. The redness and secretion should disappear gradually within a week. If the redness persists, or there is swelling or crusted yellow sores that contain cloudy fluid, there may be an infection. This does not happen very often, but if you suspect that an infection is present, consult your pediatrician.

The important thing is to keep the area as clean as possible.  If particles of stool get on the penis, wipe it gently with soap and water during diaper changes. Vaseline should be placed on the tip of the penis until the circumcision is healed.  This will prevent contaminants and decrease the chance that adhesion will occur.  Visit for many helpful articles on circumcision.

Usually, after the circumcision has healed, the penis requires no additional care. Occasionally a small piece of the foreskin remains. You should pull back this skin gently each time the child is bathed. Examine the groove around the head of the penis and make sure it’s clean.

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